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You have each been given a very special and important mission to fulfill.  Our planet is polluted!  It is up to each of you to make a difference.
 This website has been created to give you some ideas to start you on your way.  There are a lot of things you can do, and this site can help you explore your options.  
You will be given a list of tasks to complete in order to get our planet out of trouble.   

You will learn about endangered species that desperately need your help, without it they may leave our planet forever.  
You will learn how to recycle and other things that can help to preserve our planet for the endangered species, and for ourselves.
One day we may become the endangered species, so now is the time to take action and to take your mission here seriously.  

The future of this planet is in your hands kids, so treat it carefully and learn as much as you can!
As you know nature is our being, its safety is our safety. So let's try to save it as original!

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