Natural Disasters




There are different natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, droughts, hurricanes, forests fire. Disaster is a sudden, accidental event that causes many deaths and injuries. Most disasters also result in significant property damage. The aftermath of the disasters can be very serious.

Then the government of the country where it has happened declares a state of emergency and forms a special committee. This committee visits the area affected by a disaster and sees what help is needed.

Sometimes a rescue operation needs a great deal of aid.

If the aftermath of a disaster is very serious, then different countries from all over the world collect food, money, medi≠cine in aid of charity and send their rescue teams with all necessary equipment. As a lot of natural disasters happen unexpect≠edly people usually get into a panic. They are frightened to death by the violence of boisterous nature. In order to survive, itís important to keep calm in an emergency. Thatís why in many countries where there is a potential threat of a natural disaster, people are instructed at special classes what they must do when a natural disaster happens.