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England is in north-west Europe and is in the southern part of Great Britain. It is an island country and also part of the  United Kingdom  (UK) .
England is the largest country in  Great Britain  and the UK. It is sometimes, wrongly, used in reference to the whole United Kingdom, the entire island of Great Britain, or indeed the British Isles. This is not only incorrect but can cause offence to people from other parts of the UK. ( Nationality of the British people).
A journey through England is a journey through history. But not history that's dull and dusty, history you can feel and re-live. You can lay your hands on the ancient megaliths of a 5000-year-old stone circle, or walk the battlements of a medieval fortress just as they were patrolled by the chain-mail-clad many centuries ago. Visit the sites of the legend of King Arthur, Shakespeares sonnets and the palaces of royals past and present. Then fast forward to the future and you're admiring 21st-century architecture in Manchester, or exploring the space-age domes of Cornwall's  Eden Project.

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